About Us

About Us

Robinson Terminal has been actively involved in the warehousing and transportation business since 1939. We specialize in product warehousing, materials handling and transporting various commodities and goods such as newsprint, forest products, construction materials, recyclable waste and most recently alcoholic beverages in the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region. We are strategically located in Springfield, Virginia, giving us easy access to several major transportation routes. Our facility is equipped with four rail spurs serviced by Norfolk Southern Railroad. The collaborative effort of our team members, modern equipment and warehousing technology will guarantee that your products are handled with utmost efficiency and care.

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Robinson Terminal’s heritage emerged from a company which conducted business in Alexandria, VA in the 1800’s. Early records at the Alexandria Gazette, account the first business existence of the Robinson name in February 1853. The firm of Robinson & Payne conducted a “General Commission, Grocery and Forwarding Business.” Their partnership lasted until the outbreak of the War Between the States. After the war, a new business was established that received grain and tobacco via rail and exported through the Port of Alexandria to Europe.

In the 1930’s, George H. Robinson’s Sons, Inc. would become the parent company of a number of enterprises started by the Robinsons’ in coming years. Two of them, Robinson Terminal Warehouse and the Robinson Export-Import Company, grew out of their interest in helping the trade through the Port of Alexandria. Ocean going vessels once more dropped their mooring lines at the riverfront wharves. Winches whined as the cargo booms swung ashore products from Canada, Finland and Sweden.

Immense pride and dedication is the hallmark of the Robinson Era. From George Robinson’s sons, to his grandchildren, to the past and the present owners and workers here at Robinson Terminal, we all carry that same attitude forged by the Forefathers. Today, Robinson Terminal no longer operates a port in Alexandria, VA. In early 2014, all operations were centralized in Springfield, VA. To this day, Robinson Terminal continues its warehousing and transportation legacy with rail and truck links to all parts of the continental United States, Mexico and Canada.